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From "A" to "Zooropa"

Comments Off on From "A" to "Zooropa" 24 February 2009

It took us over two weeks, but we’ve made it through the vast WTTS music library.  World Class Rock A To Z wrapped up this afternoon on 92-3 WTTS.  Back on February 9, we kicked things off with “A” by Barenaked Ladies.  This afternoon, U2’s “Zooropa” wrapped up well over 2,000 songs played in alphabetical order.  Along the way, we heard a lot of Beatles, Mellencamp and Stones music (the three artists with the most songs in A To Z), spent over two days playing “S” songs, and had only one major alphabetical error (Paul Mendenhall on February 13, leading to the only “wearing of the dunce cap”).

Thanks for all of your great feedback along the way.  We always have a great time doing what we’re fortunate enough to do, but this is a really fun time for us.  What makes it best (and most worthwhile) is the feedback we get from you.  Thanks for listening to WTTS.

-Brad Holtz

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