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Bono lives in my headphones…

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Day 2 of World Class Rock A to Z, 2009:

3pm, My Day Begins, Hour 1

Played the Brown songs from Van Morrison and Rolling Stones…thinking what it must have been like to hear them just released screaming from my speaker in mono on my AM radio.

“Bubble Toes” and “Buffalo Soldier” back to back.  U2 LIVE “The God I believe in isn’t short of cash, mister!”.  It’s like Bono lives in my headphones.    Fantastic, Bob Schneider is on the way.  I remember sitting in my office with him one day just going off on all the lame music in the world (none of which you will hear on WTTS)

4pm, Hour 2

“Burn Down the Mission”, first song in the hour.  Elton and Bernie, one of the most successful marriages in rock history.  Burned not one but TWO with Ben Harper.  Can’t wait to see him with the Relentless 7 at Bonnaroo this year.  Robert Plant’s “Burning Down One Side”.  It’s like the whole world has thrown this gem away.  I never hear it anymore.  It is from a defining album in his career,…the debut  Pictures at Eleven.  Phil Collins respectable on the drums.  Congrats on your 5  grammys Robert!

Ryan Adams “Burning Photographs”, the anger that comes through on this one…WOW.  If you have the album, hold it up in the mirror for a pronounceable title.

Began the “C”s with “Cab” and wrapped up the hour with BB King’s version of  “Caldonia”…Now THAT is what A to Z is all about.

5pm, Hour 3

Iggy Pop in the “C”s.  While I enjoy the song (“Candy”), my mind  drifted to The Stooges and the recent loss of Ron Asheton.  They had just reconciled for a Stooges reunion.  It has to be like losing a family member…very sad.   Later in the hour I was thrilled to play the early alternative hit from The Breeders “Cannonball”…WOW, I forgot all about that song.  The band was founded by Kim Deal from the Pixies, better known as Mrs. John Murphy. 

Wrapped up the hour with a nice piece of classic pie from Blind Faith  (I wish they would have given us more than one album, but Eric was waiting to give birth to Derek & The Dominos and Steve Winwood had to find his way back into Traffic for John Barleycorn Must Die), followed by a gritty presentation of attitude from Lucinda Williams, “Can’t Let Go”.

6pm, Hour 4

Does it get any better than Wilco at the top of the hour?  For years my favorite Rolling Stones song was “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin'”.  It reminded me of working on the air at my first radio station.  Although the song was already 18 years old at that point, it was a song I turned to for a break (bathroom, smoke or other) as it clocked in at 7:12.   Choosing the live version of “Mountain Jam” was a little excessive and only worked once every 6 months (33 minutes long).  That was back when radio was not dictated by corporate playlists and the DJs actually chose their own music.  Thank God I found WTTS where I get that feeling of the great days of magical radio.

Natalie Merchant “Carnival” in the “C”s.  Her first album without those Maniacs, all 10,000 of them.  Must have been a little concerned about the step away from the band, but it worked out very well in 1995.

Genesis…the band was transformed soon after the departure of Peter Gabriel, but the progressive years of the 70’s were purely experimental and fearless…certainly not filled with worry about creating the next hit.  “The Carpet Crawlers” … I listened intently, amazed that a forgotten piece of the band’s history filled so many with  feelings of WOW tonight.  Do you think Peter Gabriel wore the fox head on stage as he sang this one?  That was the last we heard from Peter Gabriel as a part of Genesis, the band name would take on a new meaning in the years to follow.

Hope you had fun today!  Thanks for listening and have the best night of your life.


Laura Duncan


World Class Rock A to Z fun fact for Tuesday, February 10, 2009:  I only took my headphones off three times in that 4 hour period.  Twice for bathroom breaks and once so I could dance all around the studio.

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