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Amie vs. Aimee vs. Amy: A To Z helps us spell!

Comments Off 09 February 2009

Brad Holtz

Brad Holtz

Here on Monday afternoon, right in the middle of the “A’s.”  Just received a nice e-mail from 92-3 VIP Brad Caffery.

He writes: “Thanks to A-Z, I learned something today. For some reason, I always thought this song was spelled ‘Aimee’, and was just about to call you on it but I looked it up and it was indeed “Amie.”  Thanks for doing A-Z again this year, keep up the great work!

Thanks for the e-mail, Brad.  A To Z reminds us how to spell, and certainly teaches us the names of some songs we never knew.  We’re over six hours in, and no alphabetical errors yet (knocking on wood as I write).  Laura’s up next; have a fun afternoon.   -Brad

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