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A To Z: Making People "Look Cool"

Comments Off on A To Z: Making People "Look Cool" 10 February 2009

Hey, it’s Brad.  I had to share this cool e-mail from a listener named Chris, who had a fun story to relay upon hearing “Bohemian Like You” by Dandy Warhols in the “B’s.” 

He writes:  “Hey Brad.  Love “Bohemian Like You.”  While commuting to grad school in Richmond, I knew a guy who had lived in Portland, Oregon.
We were at a Red’s baseball game and one of the players had “Bohemian Like You” as the music playing when he came up to bat.  I shocked the heck out of my friend by singing along.

HIM: How do you know the Dandies?!!!!
ME: I hear ’em on the radio.
HIM: I didn’t think any of the stations around here play them
ME: I don’t live around here…I live closer to Indy and we have a
good radio station…WTTS

Thanks to you guys for making me look cool.

Thanks for letting us know!  Hope you’re enjoying the “B’s” in A To Z.

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