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Hey!  It’s Brad Holtz from WTTS.  You’ve found the WTTS Blogaroo, our Bonnaroo blog and audio/video portal for the coming weekend.  Check back often for our Bonnaroo updates along with some cool audio, video and photos from the festival.

It’s Wednesday afternoon, and Laura Duncan and I are set to embark on our annual journey to the potentially-muddy fields of rural Tennessee for the 2008 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. For those of you who have never taken in a music festival (and I was in that boat until my first Bonnaroo experience in 2004), this one is the grandaddy of all music festivals; a sea of music-loving humanity gathered in a farmer’s field to take in three days of live music, culture, art and people watching.

So, what does one pack for a trip to Bonnaroo?  First, leave the fancy clothes at home.  This is my fifth Bonnaroo experience and every year has brought its fair share of mud and dirt.  Don’t even think about good clothes or, heaven-forbid, your best shoes.  Suntan lotion is also a necessity.  Many Bonnaroo days were in the mid-upper 90s and the humidity in Manchester, TN is simply brutal.  Sunglasses, an old ballcap, some sturdy flip-flops or sandals and lots of water are the necessary tools of the trade when treading around from stage to stage.

As for the music?  Well, what can you say.  The lineup is spectacular once again.  Personally, I’m most excited about checking out My Morning Jacket (playing at the unbelievably late hour of midnight on Friday).  Check out this short video of the band playing Bonnaroo in 2006. I was near the side of the stage during this late-night jam.

Other bands of interest?  I’ve been told that Lez Zeppelin (the female Zeppelin tribute band) puts on a great show.  Speaking of cover bands, Dark Star Orchestra will play their assortment of Grateful Dead covers at 11:45pm Thursday night.  I’m also looking forward to catching Vampire Weekend, The Raconteurs, Stephen Marley, Les Claypool (now THAT guy is crazy), Pearl Jam and seeing the comedy of Chris Rock.  What a lineup…

Be sure you tune into 92-3 WTTS as we broadcast live from Bonnaroo Friday afternoon from 3-6pm, Saturday from noon-4pm and Saturday night from 9pm-Midnight for an extended WTTS Groove Show live from Bonnaroo.  We’ll try to capture the excitement of Bonnaroo and bring it back to Indiana.  We’ll also have lots of cool live backstage performances and interviews on the air, many of which will be posted on this very WTTS Blogaroo.  If you’ve been to Bonnaroo, or are getting set to go, go ahead and leave us a comment and let us know what you’re looking forward to.

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